Study Sketch

Happy Friday!

I think I say this about each new painting, but I’m definitely excited about this one. Stay tuned 🙂



Time to varnish


Happy Tuesday!

I use to be inpatient with varnish, but after a few mishaps, I’ve learned to slow down. I now wait 6 months to a year before I even think about this final process.



I started a new painting a few weeks ago and so far it’s moving along. The goal was to finish this month, but there’s this thing called “work” that limits my time in the studio.  Here’s a few progress pics.


Canvas Sketch


Under painting


Third layer of color (many more hours to go)


2013… It was a good year

2013 will go down as both amazing and life changing. New chapters, friends and a ton of art. Below are few of the highlights.


México Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990 is one of the most moving exhibitions I’ve seen in some time. The exhibition features a wide variety of mediums and the themes from poverty, drug violence, and political corruption.


From time to time I run into people that I have a burning desire to paint. Usually I’m too much of a chicken to approach them, but something about Charles made me push that fear aside.

He was not only kind, but honored to be captured on canvas. By the end of conversation I was inspired and proud to create this piece.


Study Sketch


“Sir Charles of Fort Worth” 12″x9″ Oil on Canvas


“Art Conspiracy is street-level philanthropy with equal parts community art event and fundraiser. More than 120 artists converge on a warehouse-turned-art studio to create unique works of art on Art Con’s signature 18 x 18 inch plywood boards.” (source)

Each piece is auctioned off and the all of the proceeds goes to charity.  A definite highlight of the year!


A good friend asked me if I would be interested in teaching a group of kids. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and it was the most rewarding moment of my life! I intend on making this part of my 2014 routine.


I was tired of tripping over canvas, so me and a buddy snagged a studio space.

Cheers to another year of creativity! I wish all of you a wonderful New Year, good health and God’s love.

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Last painting of the year

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been painting, just had a moment to share anything. I’ll do a recap in a few weeks and share the past few months of art.

Below is a progress pic of a series that I’m excited about! I’ll share the concept a little later.  Happy Holidays!